Ship It Now

Ship it now instructions:

  • Fill out the SHIP IT NOW form below.
  • You will be emailed a copy of the form.
  • Print the completed SHIP IT NOW form and include it in the box
  • Use the original manufactures box and packing - If you don’t have the original box and packing, be sure to pack the unit well, 2 inches of packing fully around the unit.
  • Warranty service must include a copy of the bill of sale
  • We would suggest using UPS or FedEx to send it to us
  • We normally don’t need a remote, unless you are having an issue with it

Out of warranty units have a $49 minimum fee, we will collect when we receive the unit

This is how we order the exact replacement part for your product. This can be found on your appliance, but it varies on where it can be located. This isn't required, but can sometimes help expedite your repair.
Send us a picture of the issue | Send us a picture of the invoice (This isn't required, but sometimes can help)
Share with us as much as you can about what is going on.
I'm confirming this product is not covered by any type of warranty. I'm agreeing to pay the Service Call and diagnosis fee of $49 + tax upon arrival. We will quote you for the entire repair once the problem has been diagnosed by our expert technicians. **NOTE** If product is under any type of warranty, do not use this scheduler. Please contact the manufacturer or extended warranty company directly to schedule a repair.